We help you to exploit your skills by deploying ours.

In plan words we deploy our skills to help you exploiting your ones.

Founded in July 2017 by a group of skilled professionals in marketing and business development as well as athletes, Wonderwod is a consulting company focussed on CrossFit® gyms and related fields.


Our mission is to help box owners, coaches, athletes, sports brands, fitness competitions organisers and all the related stakeholders to improve their revenue streams through specific tools and continuous formation with a unique approach and consulting methodology.


Eirther you are a box owner looking to increase the numbers of your members or looking for a custom made programming for your classes delivered daily, or again a top level athtlete who needs assistance in dealing with sponsors, or just someone who needs a guida in this business, we are here to help and take care of your concerns.

Grow your Box value

Of whatever dimension is your CrossFit® Box, we can help you to retain members, improve your classes quality and promote your business inside and outside the gym in order to make it grow even more profitable and solid.

Become the number one

We will  join you in your gym to take your business to a higher level, first by learning your way of doing and then giving you tailor made tools and  methodologies to get the best of it at any time every day.

Optimize your resources

Your resources are precious and can’t be wasted in activities that are not able to grant you a proper return on your investments. We know our specific market more than any other and we can address you on getting the max.

Want to know more? Contact us and let’s chat about your goals and expectations. It’s free.

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